Still Thinking !!! How to Dress in This Summer?


How-to-Dress-in-Summer Its summer means a new season, new wardrobe and we all know how exciting this season can be! It's a season for colors, fashion, and more fun under the sun for women, men, teens, and kids. As the weather gets hotter and temperatures continue to rise, there are fashion pieces that we know won't work for this season at all.

The summer season calls for a new set of clothes and revamps your racks with comfy, fresh, and of course stylish outfits, suits, and dresses. In this summer forget about the fitted tank tops & daisy dukes as a summer outfit because those are so outdated.

There's no shortage of summer trendy outfit inspiring you on any social media & shopping sites on the other hand if you have just finalized your looks for summer for every day and just thinking of all the looks to try when the season finally heats up.

Be prepared when temperatures rise, get your clothes, suits, and dresses stitched, book an appointment with the master tailor of Apnaa Darzi
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Fittings & Alterations of Wedding Dresses


Fittings-Wedding-Dresses Choosing the dream wedding dress is one thing. Making it fit you like a glove is something totally different. Based on our experience, bridal attires usually call for alterations, unless, of course, you are among the super lucky ladies that always find pieces to fit them perfectly right off the rack! For those that are having their outfits custom-made, there is a lot of probability that you will also need to have your wedding dress altered. Apnaa darzi is the best solution to speed things up and ensure an excellent result, we share some pointers that we believe will help you make better and more informed decisions when choosing and altering your dream wedding outfit, so you enjoy a stress-free special day, where you are the star!

Wedding Dress Makeover
1. Start with a wedding dress that is your size
2. Better choose a dress that needs taking in

Wedding Dress Fitting Tips
1. Try not to be in a rush
2. Don't come to fitting after a workout
3. Get your best foundation garments on all your fittings
3. Bring your wedding shoes
5. Don't stand on tiptoe and ask to have your hem marked
6. Do change your tailor if he is not willing (and able) to do the drastic changes you may need
7. Listen to your tailor's recommendations
8. Move around only to test the fit
9. Tell the tailor if you will be doing a lot of walking, dancing, sitting, etc.
10. The final fitting should be held no more than 10-14 days before the wedding
11. Ask for help with lacing up your dress

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Why Hire Online Tailor/Darzi in Delhi ?


Apnaa-Darzi-Promotion Although the existence of tailors and tailoring services has been known from a very old time. Nowadays, a tailor is not merely a person who simply stitches clothes, but someone who designs the cloth to enhance one's looks according to the customer's tastes. Today's Traditional custom tailoring known as 'made to measure'. In India, though the ready-made garment industry is flourishing and attracting people but women still choose to go to a tailor for getting their clothes stitched. Now you don't have to go anywhere especially women just book tailor online in Delhi for men and kids as well.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of hiring online tailors
You no more need to walk out of the home for getting clothes stitched or altered. You can let them know your requirements either via phone call or email. They come to your place and pick your clothes to be stitched or altered according to requirements. So, you just need to hire the right tailor over the internet who can offer you these convenient services.

Customized designs:
Nowadays, people prefer getting their clothes stitched by designers rather than paying high costs for buying a designer dress from the outlet. If you have some design in your mind that you want to get stitched for some special occasion, you do not need to rush to the market for searching the same design. You can simply send the design you want to get stitched to the online tailors via email or other medium and they can provide you the customized design as per your desires.

No chances for mistakes:
While working with the tailors online, you have to provide some of your right-fitted garment, so it leaves no scope for mistakes tailor's side.

Affordable services:
As compared to the offline tailoring services, online tailoring services are provided at lower charges. Since online tailors don't have any big commercial offices or centers for tailoring, therefore, they don't cost you a lot. This is also one of the amazing reasons to work with tailors working online.

Doorstep services:
While hiring the online tailoring services, you don't need to worry about picking up your stitched or altered clothes from the tailor's shop. Instead, they deliver your request to your doorstep as per the decided schedule.

Since there are lots of benefits associated with the online tailoring services, therefore, it is better to look for the online tailors available in your area rather than looking for the offline tailors. Whether you have to get your clothes altered or stitched, make sure to send your request to online tailors to get services at your doorstep.

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